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BATCH O2• Xuěláng Jiāng, Hú Lí and Huìfāng Jìngfēi © Oceannist    Resampled, original size sent to owner.

Xuěláng Jiāng, Hú Lí and Huìfāng Jìngfēi © Oceannist
    Resampled, original size sent to owner.

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Hello! ~✩
This is my personal blog for spam, WiPs, sketches, nonsensical rants and what not; so I can keep my friends updated with completely insignificant details about me.

Feel free to look around, maybe you'll find something resourceful?


The infamous sea slug

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Call me Ocean, homewife, lady crotch, oceanfish, pornsea, sauteed tuna, uo-chan; or make your own.

I enjoy creating OCs, collecting art and being pinned to vertical surfaces. Likewise, I'm addicted to reading, an unhealthy amount of blue, french vanilla, wings and hybrids. On the other hand, I dislike bright colors, meaningless names and anything done without proper research. Heights scare the heck outta me and lies are my turn off. Spicy food is a no-no, typos make me cringe and Mary Sues send me running for the hills. Last but not least, I'm an avid supporter of ARD and LYFP, as well as a SFS.